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The Festival Garçon la note !

Created in 2001 by the Office de Tourisme de l’auxerrois, this music festival has always taken place on the terrasses of Auxerre’s cafés, and since 2006 in the cafés in the surrounding communes.

The concept is simple : an evening,a bar, a concert! « Garçon La Note ! » runs throughout the Summer period: There are more than 50 dates in Auxerre from the 1st of July to the 31st of August (Monday to Saturday). Its speciality is to move from terrace to terrace and proposes a different concert every night. Driven by this success, this concept has been taken over in some other cities in Burgundy (Dijon, Sens, Nevers, Chalon- sur-Saône, Cluny…), and even in Dax!

Programming for all audiences.

Find the festival program and every information on the website and on the Facebook page dedicated to the festival www.facebook.com/GLNAuxerre


On the terrasses of Auxerre and the Auxerrois

From 9pm – Free concerts

Tel. : +33 (0)3 86 52 06 19

Email : garconlanote@wanadoo.fr

Website: garcon-la-note.com

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