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Auxerre in a day? It’s possible!

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You do not have time to visit Auxerre but want to see the inevitable?This page is made for you!

Auxerre, its half-timbered houses, monuments and museums are visible throughout the year.

Discover, for a day, the history of Auxerre.

This monastic complex was founded by Queen Clotilde, wife of Clovis, in the fifth century.Necropolis of the bishops of Auxerre, the abbey knew his hour of glory in the ninth century by sheltering the prestigious school of Auxerre, which was one of the centers of the Carolingian Renaissance.This monument summarizes only sixteen centuries of the history ofAuxerre.Although composite, it offers an architectural ensemble of great interest.

The abbey also houses a Museum of Art and History, which traces the history of the city from prehistory to medieval times.

Schedules and Rates
> Open every day in July and August.Closed Tuesdays from Sept to June.
> Information on opening hours of the Abbey at 03 86 18 02 90 and on www.auxerre.fr


A model of Gothic elegance, the cathedral has portals with remarkable bas-reliefs.The glass windows of the choir and transept give a particular tone to the interior spaces and constitute one of the most beautiful sets of stained glass preserved in France.

A masterpiece of Gothic art, the Saint-Etienne Cathedral in Auxerre has the distinction of having only one tower.The windows of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and the choir are also the subject of special attention.Ultimate visit to the crypt to contemplate the rare mural of Christ on horseback and in the Treasure which contains many collector’s items, including The deposition of the cross, Luca Peni.

Schedules and Rates
Information on the opening hours of the cathedral on 03 86 51 29 20
> Rates: 5 € (crypt + Treasure).3.50 € the crypt alone.2 € Treasure alone.Free for children under 12 years old.

The Clock Tower was built in the 15th century on the foundations of a tower of the old Gallo-Roman castrum.First used as a county prison, it was transformed in 1483 into a clock and a belfry.A fire ravaged the tower in 1825, but it was restored, and much of it was rebuilt identically by the great French architect Paul Boeswillwald.

Leaning on the tower, a room contains the clock mechanism that has been running since 1483, designed by the ingenious watchmaker Jean.The peculiarity of the clock comes from its two hands: one solar (which runs through the dial in 24 hours), and the other lunar that delays about three quarters of an hour on the other.However, the two hands are juxtaposed at noon at the new moon, and at midnight at the full moon.

We say YES !

  • Stroll along the banks of the Yonne and contemplate the moored barges.
  • Get lost in the streets of the historic center and admire the half-timbered houses, beware, there are 534 …
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