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Cycling tour in the Auxerrois

Choose your bike and go!

The Auxerrois and its valleys allow cycling in a vast playground with circuits adapted to all levels.
Choose yours and explore the landscapes!

The Green way

True green corridor of the city, this natural route allows you to explore Auxerre by following the old railway line.



The Bruyères circuit

Explore the villages and forests of the Auxerrois thanks to this beautiful, long-distance hike which is accessible to all.

Possibility of return by the Burgundy Cycling Tour between Gurgy and Monéteau (4 km).

Average level

Distance: 29 + 4 km / 2 hours + 15 minutes

Elevation +: 432 m Descent -: 434 m

Departure from rue de l’Yonne in Monéteau, just after the bridge on the left bank OR from the  lock at Gurgy, along the diversion canal.

Follow the # 4 signposts.

The Sinotte circuit

This 17-kilometre off-road and mountain bike route offers a sporty and easy-to-access hike in the heart of the Sinotte Valley, with little-travelled roads and paths between fields and forests.

Ideal for off-road and  mountain bikes, this circuit is entirely marked out between Auxerre and Monéteau thanks to specific signposts which will allow you to locate your position all along the way.

Possibility of return by the Tour de Bourgogne between Auxerre and Monéteau (7 km).

Difficulty level : **


The Auxerrois vineyards circuit

This off-road and mountain bike route of 21.5 km between Augy and Champs-sur-Yonne will lead you from hillside to hillside among vineyards and fields.

Possibility of return by the Tour de Bourgogne between Augy and Champs-sur-Yonne (3 km)

This 23-kilometre  circuit offers you a sporting hike with some nice descents and climbs in the heart of the Auxerre vineyards. On your way, take the time to admire the vineyards, the fortified church in Chitry and the cellars of Bailly.

Ideal for off-road and mountain bikes, this circuit is entirely marked out with specific signposting which will enable you to locate your position all along the way.

Difficulty level : ***


The Two Valleys circuit

South of Auxerre, this long  circuit of about twenty kilometres will allow you to discover the bucolic landscapes of the streams and valleys of Baulche and Vallan. After all this effort, return to your starting point along the Yonne by the route of the Tour de Bourgogne à Vélo.


To sum up

And with the Mountainbike ?

The Mountainbikespot of the « Pays Coulangeois (is around Coulanges-la-Vineuse) which is only 2 steps from the Regional Nature Park Morvan away, is the first Mountainbikespot of the region. If the reputation of the region is at first made by the wine « Irancy » and « Bourgogne Coulanges-la-Vineuse », the Mountainbikers will like the charm of the hilly uplands and the steep-sided valleys, like the Yonne valley with the vineyards and the cherry trees. These mountainbiketours are the opportunity to meet up with friends, familly or alone with the nature. At all, 123km of marked trails with 6 tours with a distance between 6 and 50km ! Some tours are for everyone (2 green and 1 blue tour). And for the bravest, there are 3 very technical tours (2 red and 1 black tours).