Fleurs de Vigne
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Wine agenda

La Saint-Vincent

In the villages

The “Saint-Vincent Tournante” is a big tradition in Burgundy!

In Burgundy each brotherhood has its figure of his holy patron and which is welcomed in a different familly every year.
In 1938 the brotherhood “Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin” brings back this tradition in form of a party, the Saint-Vincent Tournante which takes place every year in a different village from Burgundy.

The highlight from the week-end is the parade of the 100 burgundian brotherhoods which are gathered for this opportunity, which is followed by the mass and the the enthronement of the winegrowers.


Fleurs de vigne

The great wine festival of Chablis and the Grand Auxerrois

Every two years Fleurs de Vigne takes over the banks of the Yonne in Auxerre for a day of discovery of the vineyards of Chablis and Grand Auxerrois.

Winegrowers and merchants are there to let you taste their wines from the dozen appellations available in the area of the Yonne, but also to give you an insight into what they do, their passion and their know-how.



Artists in wine-cellars

in Saint-Bris-le-Vineux

Art and wineculture are gathered for the plesaure of the eyes, of the taste and of meetings. The event “Artists in wine-cellars” will take place on July in Saint-Bris-le-Vineux. The wine-producers from the village open their doors to the artists and allow them to exhibit in the villages’ cellars. During two days, the public will enjoy different exhibitions and will satisfy their oenological curiosity!

Program: visit in cellars, wine tasting and free exhibitions. Lot of music events, animations for the kids. Catering possible on the spot.

Festival of Bourru and Grapes

In Auxerre

Organized by the collective Pont Joubert, the Festival of Bourru and Grapes is celebrated each year in Auxerre in the rue du Pont and rue Joubert at the end of the grape harvest.

Many other events follow, including a parade of brotherhoods followed by a blessing in the church of Saint-Pierre of bourru: the name given to grape juice when it starts to ferment a few days following the harvest.