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Guided tours

Discover the remarkable heritage of Auxerre, City of Art and History with a tour guide who will unveil the riches of the city Auxerre.

1h30 :  discover the essentials

Fall under the charm of the city and seize the essence of this walk during which the story of Auxerre will be presented (this visit does not include the interior of the monuments).

Validité : Everyday during the year.

In 2 hours: follow in the footsteps of the cathedral builders

The Saint-Etienne Cathedral is of major importance for the exceptional harmony of its proportions, the beauty of its site and its iconography.
With an extremely rare painting of Christ on horseback, located in the crypt, the Saint-Etienne cathedral is also a masterpiece of Gothic art. Located in the heart of the city centre, right next to many perfectly preserved half-timbered houses and close to the 15th century Clock Tower with its magnificent astronomical dial.

Opening times: every day except Monday, Sunday mornings, mornings of religious holidays and some public holidays. There is an entrance fee (not included) for access to the crypt and its treasures and limited to 15 people per group.

In 2 hours: discover the monastic life

The Saint-Germain abbey is an exceptional building, testimony to fifteen centuries of the history of the city and spiritual life in the West. The Saint-Germain abbey, with its Romanesque bell tower, its three-vaulted rooms, its cellar, its cloister, its Carolingian crypts and the highlighted frescoes, constitutes a top-grade monastic ensemble. At the foot of the abbey, the Marine district is one of the most picturesque of the city. Discover the Place Saint-Nicolas, lined with half-timbered houses.

Opening times: every day except Tuesday and some public holidays (closed between Christmas and New Year). There is an entrance fee (not included) for access to the crypt and limited to 15 people per group.

In 3 hours: learn the key facts about Auxerre

History lovers, architecture enthusiasts or art lovers, you want to know everything about the city and its heritage …
So do not miss this complete tour, which will enable you to discover in detail the monuments and major districts of the old town: from the Saint-Etienne Cathedral and its Romanesque crypt, to the protected pedestrian quarters around the Clock Tower and the Marine quarter, by way of the Abbaye Saint-Germain and its Carolingian crypts, Auxerre will reveal all its secrets.

Availability: every day, except Monday, Tuesday, Sunday morning, religious holidays and some public holidays. Access to the crypts is not included in the price of the guide.

Visit with a tour guide

DurationRates  (1 to 40 PAX)Supplement (Sunday, public holidays, visit after 9pm)
1h30129 €23.50 €
2h00139 €24.50 €
3h00169 €27 €
4h00199 €28.50 €
8h00299 €39 €
Supplement97 €
Guided tour 1h30 + Wine tasting12€/PAX

Base 31 persons

23.50 €